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One-Stop Technology Shop for All New-Age LIB Cell Production Needs

Our Business Focus

Inventus Battery Energy (IBE™) Technologies (P) Ltd (Formerly known as Inventus BioEnergy (P) ltd) is a unique startup dealing with Electrical Energy Storage (EES) technologies. IBE owns several unique patented process know-how and supports licensing to manufacturers. It supports clients with turn-key solutions to LIB Cell manufacturing and helps set up MWh and GWh plants.  It also offers commercial-scale manufacturing of raw materials such as Pre-CAM, CAM, and liquid Electrolytes.  

IBE™ is committed to supporting the national mission on Advanced Cell Chemistry (ACC) and Battery Energy Storage.  IBE owns indigenous patented advanced battery cell technologies offering cell chemistry know-how, and process formulation bundled with full-fledged turn-key project support.  In particular, IBE™ caters to the needs of India’s Energy storage industry requirements offering a complete end-to-end turn-key solution that includes CAPEX, OPEX, RoI & Plant design and customization. We are committed to rendering support to the MAKE-IN-INDIA policy as well as pledged to support the ACC PLI scheme.

Our turn-key solution includes but is not limited to End to End process know-how, factory infrastructure design and Machinery supplier recommendation, CAPEX and OPEX for Giga factories. We offer a well-rounded consultancy service for battery risk mitigation, solve issues pertaining to fire incidents, and help with DFMEA for Li-Ion Cell manufacturing industries.

To support our  Solid-State Battery technology know-how to reach pilot-scale via 3D printing technology, IBE™ welcomes Joint Development partners (JDP) and Joint Venture (JV) equity-based business propositions for its disruptive Protected Lithium metal Cassette (PLC) anode-based All-Solid-State Battery Technology developed (presently at TRL 6/7).

Major Services

We offer the following technology services to LIB Cell manufacturing industries as part of the complete industrialization drive in India.

  1. Know-how licensing of Cell Chemistry and Turn-key solutions to LIB Cell Manufacturing Companies (All Form Factors).
  2. Know-how licensing and Turn-key solutions to Pilot and Commerical scale manufacturing of Li-CAMs (LFP,LFMP, NMC, LCO and LMO) manufacturing.
  3. Know-how licensing and Turn-key Solution to LIB non-aqueous LiPF6 and LiFSI Liquid Electrolyte Formulation and additives.
  4. Project Planning, CAPEX, and OPEX 
  5.  M-factory and G-Factory Plant design, Construction support, Dry roo and Clean room design of LIB cell manufacturing environment, Equipment identification, Raw materials supply chain etc

Our Expertise

  • Rich Experience (over 30 years) in cell design & development

  • Development & optimisation of cell chemistry (cathode materials, anode materials).

  • In-depth knowledge of Li-ion battery cell operation, performance and failure modes.

  • Experience in different physical and chemical characterisation tools for AAM and CAM powders, fabricated electrode, and various types of prototype cells.

  • Unique Slurry powder mixing sequence

  • Slurry viscosity optimisation (visco-elastic properties and pH) and resistivity of the slurry

  • Electrode coating and drying sequence for AAM and CAM