IIT Advisors

From IIT Madras

Prof. M. V. Sangaranarayanan

 IIT Madras

Chief Technical Advisor

  • Alexander von Humboldt Fellow; 35 years of R&D experience
  • Dr S.R. Rajagopalan Chair Professor, Department of Chemistry.
  • Thermodynamic & microscopic analysis of electrochemical interfaces, electrical double layer, Supercapacitors, Li-Ion Batteries, Solid State Batteries, Electro-organic reactions and Biosensors
  • Worked as Scientist at the Central Electrochemical Research Institute Karaikudi

From IIT Bombay

Prof. Ajit Kulkarni

 IIT Bombay

Chief Technical Advisor

  • 30 years of R&D experience
  • Chair Professor, Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, IITB
  • Worked with Prof. C.A. Angell (Arizona State University, U.S.A.) on Li+ Solid Electrolytes for Solid State Batteries
  • Polymer and Inorganic Solid Electrolyte, Solid State Batteries, LIB and Cathode materials